What will happen to ripple XRP?

“Ripple, the company, may be insolvent by the end of 2021 if it can’t raise money by selling XRP and its other products aren’t profitable. … “Whatever happens to Ripple, XRP will continue to exist. It exists independent of the company.

What happens if a crypto gets delisted?

When an asset gets delisted from an exchange, all of its trading pairs are removed. The asset can still potentially be traded on other exchanges (such as decentralized exchanges), or through over the counter trading (OTC), but trading activity on the exchange that delisted that asset will cease.

Will XRP rise again?

What will Ripple be worth in 2021? Ripple will rise in the long run due to all new developments, partnerships, and upgrades. By 2021, XRP might even touch the $2 mark.

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